Everyone’s doing the Number Talk!!

While we have been working in Unit 3 with multiplication and division, our Number Talks is still growing. We started with dots and some arrays, and we moved into basic fact multiplication (2 X 14). The students were pretty ‘jolly on the spot’ and quickly attached themselves to this new math talking idea. When I ask them to clear the mat (carpet at the front of the room), the quickly jump on board! They love the opportunity to talk!

This particular number talk was moving into addition and subtraction, my first moving away from visual dots. I selected this path for a few reasons. First, it was the next piece of the suggested string. Second, the children were asking when we were going to do more “harder” talks. (They enjoy hearing their voices and testing me as I scribe their words.) This seemed like a great line of progression especially since they truly struggled adding and subtracting.

The Number Talk went very well. I have one particular young lady that is so selective in her narration of our discussion, that I was excited she raised her hand to defend this answer. Our talk for that session was 49 + 8 and 49 + 17. This young lady surprised me with the thinking she was using. In fact, I had several that did. I was surprised at the way she broke apart the number 49 to add it up “easier.” Another young man borrowed a 1 from “no where” and then “took it back.”

While I wasn’t really frustrated doing this number talk, I only wish there was more time to do them. I am still learning as well. I learned some new ways of thinking and processing the information too! I love that their way of thinking, opens a new light for my thinking as growing up I learned “this is the way to do this math.”  Learning new ways/ideas to help another who may not ‘get it’ is truly important to me! I know I have some way to go, but I felt  comfortable in scribing their thoughts. When others were invited to share someone’s idea/thinking, they could follow my notes to assist with the retelling!

I hope to gain the skill to inquire deeper and ask stronger ‘thinking” ways to ask them questions and “exercising their brains” to experience even more of their thinking and they way they see things. This is most exciting…and I love watching them excited about math! https://youtu.be/Oa-Xl_mJTMA



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