In Graham Fletcher’s video, he mentioned a few things that struck home for me. To name a few, how we need to be able to draw the picture to understand and another was to be vulnerable. That struck a note with me and blogging.

I consider myself a simple kind of girl, a West Texas hometown kinda girl, and a “layman” type. I am not huge on throwing out monumental vocabulary. I just say it…

Therefore, it is challenging for me to begin blogging as I don’t want to appear the “dumbest “(Graham Fletcher). It was warming to hear him put that out there in his talk. So reluctantly, I have sat down to respond. With that reluctance, someone in the hospital that I had to attend to, as well as the start of new year … I am now tardy with this assignment. So here goes…one of my intimidations, appearing the dumbest!

While I believe there are no dumb individuals, the children just may not have the picture.  Geometry could be a bit challenging…if you are not a 3D kind of person. In college I needed help with geometry. During a tutoring session, my friend questioned, “You are not very 3D minded are you?” Never thinking that could be my problem, I began looking around. During bowling league, I began testing the “visual” pieces to grabbing spares. It seem to be working. I was getting the hang of it… (bowling is easier than a game of pool)

Guiding instruction with 4th graders has changed over the past 19 years. But I feel the importance of that visual understanding of Geometry has become more imperative. I think children have need to “walk the walk and talk the talk” when it comes to 4.6AB Geometry and Measurement. To identify the intersections with in their neighborhoods with the vocabulary is critical. Using a map of their neighborhoods, they can identify all sorts of line and connections to those angels. They are everywhere in their real world… home, school, parks, playgrounds, WalMart’s, HEBs….it just takes some “real life” ventures to construct and establish understanding. (Heck we even associate angles with guided instructions using our Chromebooks.)


I am surprised that student understanding is not greater than the STAAR results revealed. STAAR performance report backs up my thinking. According to one report, forty-seven percent of 4th grade students scored mastery. I believe that having involvement with real world examples will solidify understanding of the points. lines, etc. It worth the effort! (Also applies to measurement…hands on experiences are essential.)


3 thoughts on “Vulnerable”

  1. Hey Margie! You sound just like I did last year when this was all new to me and way out of my comfort zone. Tell yourself to use your growth mindset, give it a real try, and know that others will learn from you and with you!!! You are so right when you talked about students needing to experience geometry that is right in their own neighborhoods. So right. There is so much mathematics in our real world – we need to go outside and see it!!!


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