Math Rocks!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Having been self-contained for the past 16 years, things changed last year. In the past, most all the children would introduce themselves AFTER stating they “not good writers.” This past year, that looked different. While I truly enjoy all the subjects, last year we became departmentalized and I was given math, science, social studies. So many children last August stated, “I am not good in math!” I was totally caught off guard and shocked. I began searching for ways to reduce their anxieties and instill the joy of math.

I follow @bstockus on Twitter where he suggested I consider Math Rocks. I completed the application and was excited when I received the acceptance email. In our first meeting, we watched several videos in which I selected two words to incorporate into my class this year. Discovery and Joy! I want my children to experience joy in math as they discover math in their everyday world. I hope to share a newfound excitement for math. Growing and collaborating with these teachers, will only enhance the work. Together we will all discover and experience new joys in math.

I am excited to experience these new avenues with this amazing group of teachers, an amazing group who share so much to the children.

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